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ZORRA  (2016)

ZORRA wide

ZORRA, an emotionally volatile and sexually provocative New York City sculptress, drives a cab by day and works on her art at night.  But, unlike many struggling artists, she has true, organic talent. She can create beautiful worlds from solid blocks of granite and pieces of discarded refuse.   A serious and introspective experience, ZORRA asks the viewer, do we have the courage to face our darkest demons and turn them into our greatest strengths?   Or will we be swallowed up by them and destroyed in the end?   For what is to give light, must endure burning…

Director Kari Skogland, Writer Zach LeBeau, Producers Kim Jackson & Zach LeBeau

Starring Ben Kingsley, Daniela Lavender, Travis Fimmel and Ian Somerhalder



The Truth About Lies

THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES is a fast-paced, energized comedy about a directionless man named Gilby- who just happens to lie… a lot.   Correction, he’s always lying.  In fact, lying is the one thing he does best.  But when he meets the girl of his dreams- or nightmares depending on how you look at it- he finds himself tangled in a web of lies that even the truth won’t help him overcome.   Fran Kranz (Cabin In The Woods) stars as the wildly entertaining and tragically unfortunate Gilby.

Sales and marketing have begun, “The Truth About Lies” will be in theaters in 2015.  Stay tuned and or visit the website

Directed by Phil Allocco, Produced by Kim Jackson, Starring Fran Kranz, Odette Annable, Miles Fisher, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Chris Diamontopoulos & Colleen Camp



Blue Caprice

BLUE CAPRICE, the critically acclaimed film of an abandoned boy lured to America and drawn into the shadow of a dangerous father figure.  Inspired by the real life events that led to the 2002 Beltway sniper attacks.

Starring Isaiah Washington, Tim Blake Nelson, Joey Lauren Adams.  Produced by Kim Jackson.



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