NEW YORK, NY – October 17, 2014 – Evotion Media combines traditional Legacy based entertainment services with crypto applications.

EVOTION MEDIA, the first of its kind crypto-media production entity, has organized and launched in New York City today.  Aside from its core business of traditional film, television and commercial production, Evotion will be developing various applications to be launched on Bitcoin 2.0 platforms such as Counterparty, as well as on the highly anticipated Ethereum protocol.  “We’re particularly excited to help proliferate the core concepts the bitcoin revolution is based upon; decentralization, transparency and peer-to-peer interaction,”comments Kim Jackson, one of Evotion’s three partners and Head of Production.  “It will help redefine how entertainment projects, particularly independent film, are valued and financed as well as distributed.”


Together with Joe Lubin- COO of ETHEREUM– Evotion Media is developing a series of smart contract applications that will cover all aspects of entertainment production- from development to distribution.   “It can be frustrating selling a film,” says Jackson. “We’re excited to work with a particular sales agent or distributor, their excited to work with us, the momentum is great, the energy is great, and then all of a sudden it comes to a grinding halt while it takes weeks for lawyers to push papers back and forth.  It kills momentum.”  With Evotion’s smart contracts application, over the Ethereum network this process will take a matter of hours not weeks.

Evotion is also dedicated to the development of new and innovative peer-to-peer distribution portals for entertainment content.  “The real revolution of bitcoin is not necessarily that it is a currency,” says Evotion partner and CCO Margaux Avedisian.  “The real revolution is in bitcoin’s protocol.  It’s on these type of protocols where the most important technological innovation is happening.”  From these bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, Evotion will be able to launch its distribution portal, building a bridge between traditional distribution structures and protocol based structures.  “We’re aware it will take time for Counterparty or Ethereum based distribution portals to make sense and become a powerful piece of filmmaking, but we’re in this for the long-term and we’ve got to start somewhere.” says Jackson.


Along with its series of applications, Evotion is developing a slate of crypto-themed film and television programs.  “Our first offering is a television series,” comments Evotion partner and Creative Director, Zach LeBeau.  “The beginnings of a technological revolution that will have a dramatic impact on the evolution of our planet is quietly happening now.  There are so many profound and entertaining concepts emerging from the socio-economic implications bitcoin and alt currencies present.  We’re currently developing a television series that explores these themes in a dramatic and thrilling fashion.”

Kim Jackson, Evotion Media partner and Head of Production, founded Streetwise Pictures in 2006, a New York based independent film company.  She has been the driving force behind several critically acclaimed feature film successes.  Margaux Avedisian, Evotion partner and CCO, is founder of Bitcoin Capital Partners and has been active in several bitcoin related start-ups.  Zach LeBeau joins the team as Evotion’s Creative Director.  He is a published author and screenwriter and is creating a new 2015 slate of film and television properties to represent Evotion’s new direction into the “crypto space”.


Margaux Avedisian



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