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Launched October 2016


A 40 episode sci-fi epic adventure television series about the path the world could take as decentralization scales and artificial intelligence leads to conscious systems that guide us to a technological Singularity, where we- Homo sapiens- are propelled to the next level of human evolution… Homo transcendus.


THE HARDER THEY FALL (In Development – 2017)

The Harder They Fall

Writer/Director team Daoud Abeid & Dahkil Hausif, producer Kim Jackson, starring Delroy Lindo and Lynn Whitfield.


ZORRA  (In Development Р2017)

ZORRA wide

Director Kari Skogland, writer Zach LeBeau, producers Kim Jackson & Zach LeBeau, starring Ben Kingsley, Daniela Lavender, Travis Fimmel and Ian Somerhalder.



The Truth About Lies

Directed by Phil Allocco, produced by Kim Jackson, starring Fran Kranz, Odette Annable, Miles Fisher, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Chris Diamontopoulos & Colleen Camp.


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